Sunday, January 06, 2019

Me, a Ballet Dancer

The kitchen is the main place in the Washington's home to enjoy grandma's delicious meals, listen to poppa's amazing stories, enjoy breaking news and witty discoveries from our neighbor Mr. Jenkins, and take care of family business. Grandma as well as everyone else wants what's best for Roscoe, her grandson, the kid who loves to play video games, text friends, spend hours on his tablet, and lay around the house Roscoe's family enjoys their kitchen. It's the place where they enjoy delicious meals, hilarious story watching TV.  Today in this home in Baltimore Grandma has some business to take care of involving Roscoe.  She reaches in her pocket and pulls out a flyer from the library.

Grandma says, Shelia I want you to enroll Roscoe in a ballet class. 

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